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Late summer wrap up

How many ways can I say that this has been a very strange summer?  On the up side I have not missed work and overall I feel well.  Weekends consist of work and rest -- which is sludge in my way of thinking.  Also I have completed a few more projects that will be photographed and posted on Ravelry.  The strange bit is that in spite of the weather, I am still embraced by an overall feeling of puny-ness that annoys.  I have tried to be patient and courageous and forbearing, but last night I just had to have a big hairy "WAAHHH!" about it. 

Ranted for a while and whined and that's pretty much out of my system.  Plans are afoot for fall -- moving back upstairs (new bed) and using the guest quarters as an office of sorts.  I can nap downstairs and get more accomplished overall.  Our couch will go back to its usual spot in the living room and the treadmill can be left unfolded and used for something besides a *sigh* clothes depository.   Ron got his birthday pressie a bit early -- a new Leatherman tool.  I think he's fond of it :-)

And even though I spend no time outside I still am starting to feel the onset of Fall my favorite season.  It may be time to think seriously about supplies of firewood, caramel apples, and the better parts of life after the seasonal allergies have subsided. 

Zip Drive and Ana have been very supportive of our summer sojourn -- still and all it is their house.  As long as we keep up our duties as faithful servants they will keep us on.   Now if Ana will just let me have a tiny bit more pillow to put my head on, I'll not complain about the rest.

Thank you, Beloved for being there for me last night. 

Where'd summer go -- oh yeah

It is still out there.  Frankly, I'm a bit detached from it.  In the weeks since I last posted an entry, it has been a time of change. 

My MS medication has been working, but I am still heat-fragile.  My sense of balance is much better and my cognitive skills have seen a definite upswing.  Energy level is iffy, but things are not worsening.  Yay!

Beloved and I have moved downstairs so I can be cooler.  (Did I tell you that my balance was so bad that I was afraid of stairs there for a while?)  It has been a streak of compromise, but there have been advantages.  

My mom was ill and had to be in a rehab facility for a few weeks.  She is home now and is back to her regular lifestyle.  A hint to the folks figuring out health care reform -- include counseling as part of anyone's health care.  Us relatives can only do so much....and since when does a lady of 86 years listen to her kids?

I've been doing some knitting and crocheting with an aim to increase my inventory for the Etsy shop.  I found a knitted beret pattern that uses sock weight yarn but I didn't like the way that the decrease for the crown looked, so am going to try to figure out something more attractive.

So overall things are good here -- apologies for not writing sooner.  Facebook has taken over some of my daily time lately (blush)

Blee, blah -- Phase 3 pokie pokie

Just got home from the doctor's office.  My pain is the same as usual as is my sense of balance.  (cue the chorus -- "Yeah, Right!")  But there is some good news.  The blood tests have ruled out a species of MS that is not treatable, even though my symptoms were tending to that diagnosis. 

On the less than optimal side, I will be starting a new drug regimen soon.  Injecting myself three times a week will be something that I'll need to adjust to, but if it can help with the symptoms. I'll do it.

The best part, if one can be found, is that insurance will make the cost of this new lifestyle feature more affordable.  At suggested price, it would have cost more than both our incomes for a month's supply. 

Thanks for listening, everyone!

Results of Research --

So this afternoon I gathered up my various goods and spoke with the insurance folks.  Turns out that the price of injected medicine is pretty reasonable when the insurance helps you out.  So, when I see the neurologist I can tell him that I would be willing to try this stuff.  While I can't be sure that it will take care of all my symptoms, I at least am willing to try. 

Next up is Fest Weekend.  I cannot promise that I can spend much time on site, but I will polish my brass and pack my outfit in the hope that I can come out and play for part of the run.  Regardless, I  want to connect with my friends down in Wichita!

More as it unravels.

And speaking of unraveling if you are of a crafty bent and want to support a charity  knit-a-square.com takes 8 by 8 inch squares (knitted or crocheted) and makes them into blankets for AIDS orphaned children in Africa.  If that cause does not suit you, find one that will allow you to use your talents to help others.  We lose nothing by helping others . . .

Things must be better --

Yes, yes -- I know it is Good Friday.  My thoughts are supposed to be carefully bent on the matters of the Passion.  But instead of being bound up in the profound mystery of the day, I am being pleased by a simple creative impulse.

I'm feeling well enough to be creative and a bit whimsical.  I'm sure that God will understand that in the midst of my meditations and tasks that I get the giggles when I think that it would be possible to make a patchwork afghan that would also serve as a gaming map.  A bunch of little hexagons arranged in appropriate patterns.

Don't blame me -- Ron gave me the idea.

So we go into the weekend!  Creative and hopeful . . . and that is a good thing!

Blee, blah -- Phase 3 on hold

The weekend has come and gone and my need for rest has made being sociable rather a bore.  I come home, eat lunch and sleep for four or five hours.   But until things cohere, me and the pain pills will dance. 

Happily, the projected Winter Storm of Doom did not come to pass.  I love the sunshine and the coming spring and enjoy it to the best of my ability.  The next door neighbor was puttering around in his back yard.  Looks like he is going to roof over his back deck.  Have to admire the man's energy. 

Mom is okay -- she lost power for a day down at her place.  Ice took down power lines and left a lot of people without electricity.  Mom did her usual having gas range and gas heat.  Just add kerosene lamps and she's good to go.   Said that she kept warm with the help of the nightcap that I knitted for her. (aww thanks)

I have a new grand nephew Bryce Lee Townsend.  Yay!  Can't wait to see pictures.

On the medical front;  nothing much is going to happen until we know more.  Beloved's insurance is changing companies, so things will be on pause until the paperwork, etc is discharged.  So, my job this week is to contact the various doctors and explain why I can't decide on a drug regimen for the moment.

Hard to believe that spring fest is only three weeks away.  What happened??

And the good news is crab cakes and slaw for supper.   Thank you Beloved for helping me to get through this annoying patch.
In the middle of the nap, the phone rang.   Answered it on the third ring -- great hang time.   It was the neurologist's office wanting me to come in to visit.   So off I'm going to see the doc tomorrow.   Maybe we can get to the bottom of this whole annoying episode and I can do something different for a change. 

On the other hand it was a truly wonderful day.  The weather was just right and I was reasonably productive.   Alas, no knitting night, but dinner was delicious. 

I am now quite enamored of home made coconut macaroons, which are low-carb if you make them with Splenda.   Thank you, Beloved!!

Some news -- Phase 2

Got the word from the Doc that my MRI did show some new MS stuff in my head.  Next step -- call the neurologist.  He was out of the office today, so left a message.  After I see him, maybe I can get some treatment.

Still doing the pills to stay pain-controlled.  Can't say as I like it much, but it is much better than dealing with pain uncontrolled.

Finished another beret today -- found more yarn for a projected series.  Perhaps I should flog some of them on Etsy?  If you have a favorite color and would like to work a swap, let me know . . .

Mostly, I would love to be able to enjoy the day and feel less like a character in a Victorian Novel . . . besides I have work this weekend.

And who said that it was time to set the clocks ahead?  I protest!!

Blee, blah -- Phase 2 -- wait for results

That's one step done with.  I have been resonated, squeezed into the tube, injected with reflective matter and subjected to more motionlessness than I am truly comfortable with for now. 

The one thing good about it was that there was some fine classic rock on the headphones this morning.  But they frown on tapping your toes to the beat. 

Now I get to wait on the results and the doctor's reactions thereof.

If all goes well, I might have some effective medication by the end of the week.  (crosses all available digits) 

Until then, I have snacks and yarn and the kitties to keep me amused and distracted.  Oh yeah and pain pills every 6 hours or so.

Thank You to everyone who has been supporting me and   red_ronin9 as this wanders along it's path.

Beloved, you are  the best possible thing in my universe....


Blee, blah -- Phase 2

After a weekend I'd rather not repeat, I got to the hospital for my scan only to find that the MRI scanner was down for some reason.

So I get to go back tomorrow and try again then.  Happily, my Beloved got me home so that I didn't have to wait for a couple hours for my ride on the bus. 

Until then, I think I'll go take a chill, a pill and some Diet Coke.



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